Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Driving Like A Java Programmer

This afternoon when I drove home from a retail park I drove the slightly longer way, because I knew it would be easier to turn right out of the other exit and I would have three blocks to cross three lanes of traffic instead of less than one. And as I did that, I thought to myself 'I'm driving like a Java programmer' - that is, it took longer to get home, but it was easier to get there, less stressful and I was less likely to crash. While the average Calgary driver drives like a C programmer. Or maybe an assembly coder. Still, I prefer driving in England where there are higher speed limits and less potholes, traffic lights, four way stops and snow. And where I own a Golf GTI instead of just a GL. And I get to drive it again next week, 'cos that's when I go home. But I'll be back in Calgary sometime next year - once it starts to get less cold.