Sunday, October 16, 2005


I installed SUSE 10 last week. The day afterwards my backlight broke, so I've been unable to play with it. It now seems to be working if I keep the brightness right down, but I'll have to buy a new tube soon.

However, SUSE 10 is great - everything just works. Well, everything except multimedia, but after installing a few packman packages it's running like a dream. It boots and logs in far faster than it used to, and the gnome stuff seems to be integrated with KDE better than before, so when I run gimp and inkscape it's not quite such a chore any more. I'm gradually being converted to using Krita instead, but at the moment gimp is still the winner.

For anyone that's interested in the rest of my life: Calgary seems like a nice enough place. They do a lots of things in a strange way over here, but I'm getting used to it. It's great to be around Naomi again after her six months working on a cruise ship. And her cable internet seems to be a six meg line. Nice! I should be getting myself a VW Golf in a week or so - hopefully before it starts to snow too much here.

Thursday, October 06, 2005


I know it's not in fashion to love AJAX at the moment if you're a real programmer, but I do. Why? Because it's such a cobbled together heap of junk, and everyone is using it. And everyone else is going 'this is rubbish, let's think of something better', and I reckon before too long someone will actually design a proper solution. All because we have AJAX, which sucks, and I love it.