Tuesday, November 21, 2006

It Wasn't Me

I'm sorry about my blog spamming the planet again. It wasn't me, honest! I didn't touch my blog, and then I saw all my old blog entries appear in akregator again. I might switch to using my own blog engine soon - blogger is doing my head in.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Ah, the wonders of beta.blogger.com.

Not Much

I'm not up to much computerwise at the moment. But Naomi and I have our own place in Coventry now, and it has a converted loft which I'm using as the computer room. And today we're getting broadband installed, so at least I'll be back on the internet (at the moment I'm using someone else's unsecured wireless - but I don't want to use it too heavily as I don't know if they have a download limit, so it's just for basic stuff like checking emails).

The news about Java going GPL is pretty cool. I'm a big fan of Java. And although I use it anyway, despite it not having been open source, I reckon it'll help it to gain popularity. And hopefully become more important in the KDE world - especially since Qt Jambi looks so good. It's just a shame the Eclipse integration never works on my computer.