Sunday, August 21, 2005

openSUSE beta 2

Two and a half days of bittorrenting, and I have the five installation CDs for openSUSE beta 2. Very pleased to see a whole slew of my bug reports have been closed since beta 1 - including extra animation in various splash screens which helps you know the computer hasn't crashed when it's sitting there looking like it's doing nothing. And KDE is now listed first in the choice between KDE and Gnome, which is an improvement, although if my Dad were installing openSUSE he would probably still phone me up at that point because he wouldn't know which one is the right one to choose.

The wireless card still didn't work - the typo I found in the ifup script is still there, despite being reported as fixed in bugzilla. Perhaps they didn't fix it in time for the new beta. And I found another typo which caused my WEP key to be ignored. (I have to use WEP so my Symbol Pocket PC will work on the network).

But now it's all up and running and it's very nice. Looks like it'll be enough to keep me sticking with SUSE for another few years. I mean, there's not a lot different from old SUSE on the surface - some nicer graphics and stuff like that. But I think there is some hardware configuration that goes on differently, since I have everything working on my laptop now and I only had to fiddle with the wireless. And on the final version even that should work. And their version of KDE is close enough to a clean install to not annoy me.

(What's up with blogger and planet KDE? If I post a message I get slashes and chevrons at the end of my paragraphs. So I'm having to use the Edit HTML version of the story poster. Which is also rubbish, because if I leave blank lines it adds extra paragraph tags to my html code. Yuk!)

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