Friday, November 04, 2005

SUSE's KHelpCenter

I just accidentally hit F1 while in konqueror, and instead of the ugly help centre I usually see when I do that, I saw this. At first I thought SUSE had replaced the help centre with their own manuals, but then I realised they'd just changed the style of KDE's help pages. It's amazing how much different a bit of styling can make. It makes the help centre look a lot more friendly and helpful, and I might actually use it in future. Which is silly I know, because it still has the same content! I guess I subconsciously think 'these must be professionally written, useful help files. I will do well here', because it looks good, whereas before I was thinking 'these help files are geeky files. I'm not reading these. I'm going to Azerbaizhan'.

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Eduardo Robles Elvira said...

I completly and whole-heartly agree woth you: SUSE khelpcenter is wonderful and its look should be set as kde default!
I also thought that they had changed and improved documentation because of the new face, silly me hehe