Thursday, August 10, 2006

Why I love Calgary

No, scratch that. Make it, 'Why I don't mind Calgary so much at the moment'. And it's basically because I now live in an apartment just a couple of minutes walk away from Tim Hortons, Pizza Hut, Boston Pizza, and lots of other places to get food and anything else in 'uptown' Calgary. I don't know if 'uptown' is a proper term. The only other place I can think of it being used is in 'Uptown Girl'. Anyway, it's what they call 16th Avenue here, which is downtown really. I like being able to walk to the shops instead of driving. Since being in Calgary I've spent far too much of my life driving - and not the fun kind of driving I like to do on winding country roads back in England, but the stuck in traffic in straight city roads kind. So now I can walk down the road, get lunch and sit by the street watching life go by. I don't know if they have wireless, otherwise I could go and work there too. Although I need new batteries - despite having two in my laptop I only get about half an hour out of them combined now.

In other, much more important news: I'm married! I had a great honeymoon on Vancouver Island, and also got to see where my wife grew up near Vancouver, which is about a million times nicer than Calgary, so when we move back here in ten years time maybe we'll go and live over there instead.

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scotty said...

I just moved to calgary 5 months ago and i love it alot, but i came from winnipeg mind you. it's nice here, i like driving 120 down deerfoot and going downtown to the Q9 datacenter, i don't care that its expensive to park, it all seems very new and big to me compared to winnipeg. traffic can be bad, but i dont mind the city..