Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Eating my own dog food

I've been running openSUSE's KDE 4.1 snapshots on my machine for a while now, and despite the occasional programme falling over (usually konqueror or akregator at the moment), it's being a great experience. I'm particularly addicted to KNetWalk, which is probably going to give me RSI, but I can do it so fast now that I need a new challenge. So I thought I'd get the source and have a go at making it harder. So I did. Get the source, that is. I updated my SVN version of the code, compiled it, and it all compiled without a hitch.

Hang on. That can't be right. I never manager to compile KDE without problems. I must have made a mistake. So I tried logging into my newly compiled KDE, and it works too. I guess KDE is a little better than it used to be!

Anyway, I was so impressed by how easy it is right now, that I had to blog about it. I haven't done any KDE coding for a while, so I'm not exactly eating my own dog food. Maybe the title should be 'Making my own dog food' or something instead. But I will. Oh yes, I will. Probably. There are lots of little rough edges all over the place which I want to iron out, and ironing out rough edges is my forté. Maybe the title should be 'Ironing my own dog food'.


HauntedBeing said...

I have enough problems editing and changing things on SuSe without getting into KDE. I am patiently awaiting a stable 4.1 and will go from there. I been trying to get the CUPS people to add a Canon printer for over a year so i just created my own PPD and installed it.
Good luck with KDE but I will wait.

Niall J Hewitt said...

Great news! The more ironing the better :)

Bille said...

For the best tasting dogfood, use the following recipe: Build Guide for KDE on openSUSE. That's assuming that our weekly builds of KDE 4.1 are not fresh enough for you ;).

Ethan Anderson said...

Add alternate geometries and multiple mines per cell to Kmines, and take that on ;)

Kmines is not the best minesweeper implementation that exists right now, and I'd like it very much if it was, so I wouldn't have to use WINE just to get a challenge.