Saturday, February 28, 2009

G1 Power Usage

After posting my last entry, I thought I'd elaborate on the G1's power usage. There's a useful little tool available on the Android Market called Watts, which logs the battery level and shows a graph of it. The image below is two screenshots from Watts.

The one on the left is the device's power usage last night, when I wasn't using the phone at all since I was asleep, but the phone was still checking my email and twitter regularly.

The one on the right was this afternoon, when I was watching the rugby at my parents', but also using my G1 a far amount for twittering, checking emails, texting, and looking up things like the words of 'God Save the Queen' and what a drop goal is.

As you can see, the standby life is pretty good, and you can probably get a good eight hours of reasonably intensive use out of the battery. Which is pretty poor, but I can live with it, since I don't usually use the phone that intensively.


Samat Jain said...

I'm not happy with my G1's power usage either---it barely lasts an evening out on the town (in NYC). Thanks for sharing info on the Watts app, I'm going to try it out on my own phone.

Faded515 said...

My G1's power usage wasn't great so I bought an extended battery from Seidio. I'm much more happy with the power usage now, it's just a shame it makes my phone so fat.