Thursday, September 15, 2005

Nearly There

Woohoo! Only one week and I'm in Calgary! I can't wait! I like exclamation marks!

I haven't had much chance to play with KDE or SUSE recently - too much time working and preparing to leave the country. I found time to install SUSE 10 RC1 OSS on my desktop machine, which didn't work properly, but then changed its mind and works really nicely now. I'll almost definitely be upgrading my laptop to v10 when it's released.

Sometimes I look through the KDE bug list and close bugs which aren't in the latest release of KDE with WORKSFORME (although I've not closed many). 'Am I right to do this?' I wonder to myself, hoping someone on the planet might know.

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Aaron J. Seigo said...

yes, that's what WORKSFORME is for, though you have to be sure you're duplicating the bug exactly which is trickier for some apps than others. kicker and kwin both suck in this regard, as do media apps =) soooo many variables and sooo many configurations (both hardware and software)

and wtf, you're coming to calgary? how did i miss this? like ... calgary, canada? the calgary i live in? if so, we'll have to get together for some fun. how long are you here for?