Saturday, March 25, 2006

Appreciating SUSE

I never appreciated SUSE's installer as much as I did today, when I tried to install Solaris on my test machine (I wanted to test a piece of Java software on it). It timed out while I was reading some messages and made a default selection, which meant I had to restart the install; it offered software selections which I later discovered weren't on the DVD; for a while it thought I was Chinese; it seemed to ask the same questions about software installations several times; it told me I had 0 bytes and 7698Mb free on my hard disk at the same time; it wouldn't boot into X; I couldn't find a key which would work as delete once it had booted to the console; I logged into the console and then it forgot, and went back to the login prompt...

Two days ago I installed SUSE 10.1 Beta 8 on my laptop. Except for it not installing drivers for my wireless card, everything just worked. I guess once Solaris is installed it's probably a more enterprise-ready system. Maybe I should become a qualified Solaris dude - I might be able to make money helping people to install that stuff. If I can ever figure it out in the first place.

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perlmaster said...

If you have more than one solaris box you are likely to set up network install (custom jumpstart) in which case you don't have to mess with that stupid interactive installer at all. it's not difficult to set up. but it's not really faster than the interactive one. if you have identical machines you can set up jumpstart flash however which is an imaging technique and therefore faster.