Saturday, March 04, 2006

Something Changed

A while ago I spent ages setting up an .asoundrc file on my computer so that I could get sound to work properly. But I had to use dmix in order to get everything to mix properly. But today I tried to use wengo and it didn't like that I was using dmix, so I temporarily moved my .asoundrc file out of the way, and hey presto! wengo started working, and everything else carried on working as it should. Someone must have changed something while I wasn't looking! (It's happened before - the sound on my laptop used to be really choppy, and I spent ages fiddling with settings until it was nearly ok. And then one day I installed a new version of SuSE and it just worked.)

Now that everything on my computer works really well, it's probably about time for it the give up the ghost, and then I'll have to try to find another laptop which works under linux this well. After all, I've already replaced the CD drive (with a DVD writer), the backlight (twice), the power supply brick, the hard drive, graphics tablet cable (not actually part of the laptop though) and had to solder a couple of bits inside it - it can't have long left. But it's 1.6GHz with 1Gb of RAM and a 1400x1050 display, so it's still a great machine to work on, despite being over four years old, and I can't afford to replace it (not with the wedding coming up this year), so here's hoping it still has a few more years left in it.

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cartman said...

Alsa now set-ups dmix automagically.